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Yerkes is a leader among the nation’s primate research centers, a resource to researchers worldwide, an advocate for quality care of animals in research and a source of inspiration for the scientific leaders of tomorrow.

Our researchers are focused on discovering causes, preventions, treatments and cures to improve human health and lives worldwide, and you can help support our researchers' cutting-edge research by giving to Yerkes.

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Gift Planning

Emory's success depends on your vision and generosity. Whether you are a graduate who wants to give back for all Emory meaqns to you or a friend who believes in the life-changing research Emory conducts, the Office of Gift Planning offers creative ways to show your support. From charitable trusts and retirement plan gifts to gifts of real estate and bequests, there are many giving options that not only benefit Emory, but also enhance your personal financial security as well. Staff members in the Office of Gift Planning – highly experienced professionals who are versed in finance and tax law – are always available to help you. Contact the Officle of Gift Planning at 404-727-8875 or

Unrestricted private gifts and philanthropy are critical to our ability to attract and keep the world's greatest scientific minds, and to provide them with the resources they need to pave the way for continued and accelerated scientific discovery. Private gifts also help the Yerkes Research Center grow existing programs so we can secure additional federal grant support, which, on its own, is not enough to help us achieve our mission. For every private dollar donated to Yerkes, our researchers leverage that amount into much greater federal grant support and collaborations. Sustained generosity of our individual donors and corporate partners is key to bringing us to our next points of discovery, understanding and clinical application. Our center's fund-raising priorities are:

HIV Cure Research

In 2015, Yerkes established a translational research program called ERASE AIDS (Emory Research Alliance to Stop/Eradicate AIDS). This new program builds on the existing expertise of researchers at Emory to conduct transformative studies aimed at finding a cure for HIV infection. The goal of ERASE AIDS is to develop and optimize novel therapeutic approaches to cure AIDS using the nonhuman primate model. Individual donations will keep Yerkes researchers on their path toward this important, worldwide health goal.

Neurodegenerative Disease Research

Yerkes is committed to developing novel treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. Our researchers’ efforts with noninvasive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are focused on primate models of human inherited diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease and Huntington’s disease. Yerkes researchers are also studying the neural networks that play critical roles in the pathophysiology of Parkinson’s disease. With additional funding, we can expand these unique translational models in order to make significant contributions to the discovery of new, effective therapies for neurodegenerative diseases.

Genomics Research

Yerkes is uniquely positioned to better understand how genetics influence susceptibility to disease and response to treatment. To do this, center researchers have begun sequencing the full genome of each rhesus monkey in the Yerkes breeding colony.  Because these animals can closely mimic human conditions, researchers plan to use the information gained to develop better treatments and even prevention strategies for human conditions, such as Alzheimer's disease, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Private funding is certain to accelerate the pace of our genomics research and, ultimately, our discoveries.   

Pilot Projects

Private funding can also help Early Stage Investigators accelerate the timing of their new research pursuits and parlay their results into greater funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Via pilot grant programs that provide seed funding for up to two years, researchers work to produce initial scientific results that have the potential to positively impact future research studies. During the last five years, every $1 invested in pilot research programs at Yerkes has resulted in more than $20 in resulting grant funding, representing, in total, almost $40 million in new research grants for our center. Such strategic, short-term investments via the Director's Catalyst Fund are directly connected to stronger NIH research applications, larger-scale research projects and longer-term research funding intended to positively impact human health.

Endowed Chairs

Endowments provide the ability to attract well-established research teams, and they support the recruitment of junior scientists. Support for endowed chairs will allow Yerkes to recruit the best researchers in immunology, translational neuroscience, genetics and other areas.

Graduate Student Fellowships

The center has established the Stuart Zola Graduate Fellowship in Neuroscience to honor the long-term leadership of previous director Stuart Zola, his successful career as a researcher and his unwavering commitment to supporting the training of neuroscientists. Donations to this fellowship will help fund at least one neuroscience graduate student each year and will make a difference in the lives of those who will benefit from their research. 

Educational Outreach

Part of Yerkes’ mission is to provide educational opportunities for students and teachers. Current programs take researchers into the community and bring high school students and teachers into the center for hands-on experience and curriculum support. Funding is crucial to these outreach activities, which recipients have described as life changing.

For more information on financially supporting the Yerkes Research Center, please contact Jonathan Russell at 404-727-6416 or