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New COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Provides Effective Option for Low- to Mid-Income Countries (07/15/2021)

Yerkes Researchers Develop Low-Cost, Low-Dose RBD Trimer Protein-Based COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate (07/01/2021)

New Combination Immunotherapy Plus ART Expand Innate Cells Critical to Controlling HIV (05/17/2021)

Emory MVA COVID-19 Vaccine Safe and Effective in Animal Models (02/04/2021)

Yerkes Researcher Dr. Amara Featured on Revisionist History Podcast (12/10/2020)

Inflammation-Blocking Medication Effectively Reduces COVID-19 Lung Inflammation (12/10/2020)

Animal Care During COVID-19 (12/07/2020)

Visit the NPRCs at SciFest All Access 2020 (09/26/2020)

Emory Again Awarded Full Accreditation for Animal Care Programs (09/25/2020)

Yerkes Researcher Featured on "Your Fantastic Mind" (09/09/2020)

Yerkes Genomics Research Will Help Predict COVID-19 Disease Severity, Inform Treatment Decisions (08/06/2020)

Emory Researchers Find T Cell Responses Key for Controlling Asymptomatic TB (06/28/2020)

Emory Researchers Show New Adjuvant Successful in Extending Immunity Against HIV (06/19/2020)

Yerkes Researchers Find Zika Infection Soon After Birth Leads to Long-Term Brain and Behavior Problems (05/22/2020)

Yerkes Awarded NIAID Grant to Develop COVID-19 Vaccine (05/18/2020)

New HIV Vaccine Combination Strategy Provides Better and More Durable Protection (05/11/2020)

Yerkes NPRC Names Yoko Hammond Chief Business Officer (04/28/2020)

Immunotherapy Combo Achieves Reservoir Shrinkage in HIV Model (03/17/2020)

In animal models, a 'shocking' step toward a potential HIV cure (01/22/2020)

New Animal Model Shows Effective Treatment for Latent Tuberculosis (12/17/2019)

Creating viral targets can weaken HIV vaccination, Emory scientists warn (11/21/2019)

Clinically Silent Relapsing Malaria May Still Pose a Threat (09/19/2019)

How Certain Antibiotic Combinations Could Defeat 'Superbugs' (06/17/2019)

Yerkes Donates Five Chimpanzees to Riverside Discovery Center (05/10/2019)