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Brian G. Dias, PhD

Assistant Professor
Yerkes National Primate Research Center and Emory University School of Medicine (Department of Psychiatry)



Dr. Dias' research has investigated the neurobiology underlying stress, depression, social behavior and fear in organisms ranging from rats, lizards and fruit flies to, now, mice. While steeped in rigorous animal behavior, his studies have routinely incorporated molecular, cellular, genetic, epigenetic and physiological levels of analyses.

A graduate of UT-Ausitn, Dr. Dias’ current research seeks to understand how trauma impacts the nervous system, physiology and reproductive biology of generations that have directly experienced trauma, as well as descendant generations. Armed with this understanding, he also seeks to devise therapeutic interventions to ameliorate the effects of such trauma on both ancestral and descendant populations. To this end, using the framework provided by classical fear conditioning, Dr. Dias investigates how the biology of an organism and its responsiveness to salient environmental stimuli is influenced by its:

a)    micro-environments, e.g., genome, epigenome and hormones; and

b)   macro-environments, e.g., ancestral, in utero and post-natal experiences.

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