Next Generation Sequencing

The Yerkes NHP Genomics Core (GenCore) offers Gene expression-profiling services on Illumina platform. Gene expression experiments allow investigators to study expression pattern of tens of thousands of genes in parallel in several eukaryotic model organisms. The GenCore offers Illumina sequencing to the Emory community. We house HiSeq3000, HiSeq1000 and miSeq – the GenCore runs several NGS applications:

  • mRNAseq and Total RNAseq
  • targeted resequencing
  • ChipSeq
  • Single Cell RNA-seq (please inquire)
  • microbiome sequencing
  • miRNA sequencing
  • Targeted amplicon sequencing
  • HIV amplicon sequencing
  • Adaptive TCR-Seq (Human and Mouse only)
  • High Throughput Sample Prep
  • Bioinformatics – Basic
  • Bioinformatics – Advanced and Custom Services

The GenCore provides researchers with ‘start-to-finish’ service, assisting in assay design, sample preparation, quality assessment, data analysis and bioinformatics support.

Description of Next generation sequencing Procedure