Sample Preparation

For projects run at the GenCore, we also provide services to extract nucleic acids from various biological samples.

A. RNA/DNA/miRNA extraction

The GenCore has extensive experience isolating total and miRNA from wide range of biological samples. We recommend customers consult with GenCore for appropriate methods for collecting and storing biological specimens for genomics experiments - view SOP’s. The GenCore uses validated protocols to extract high quality RNA from various starting material. Biological samples include but not limited to the following:

  1. Paxgene and Tempus whole blood tubes
  2. Lymphocytes, PBMC, LNMC
  3. Tissue biopsies
  4. Snap frozen tissue or tissues in RNA later
  5. Cultured cells
  6. Serum or Plasma
  7. miRNA from lysates, exosomes or plasma

The isolated RNA will be assessed for quantity and quality. RNA extracted by the GenCore is compatible with majority of down stream applications including qPCR, Microarray gene expression analysis and Next generation sequencing.

B. Quality assessment of Nucleic acid

The GenCore will also perform quality and quantity assessment for RNA and DNA samples for customers. Quantity will be assayed on Thermo Nanodrop or Invitrogen Qubit and quality assessed on the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer or 4200 Tapestation using sample specific chip.

Quality Assessment procedure