How To Use GenCore

Pre-Experiment Consultation

Before working with the GenCore for the first time, we recommend a face-to-face meeting between the user, PI of the study, the core director. Sample Submisssion

Please complete the Sample Submission Sheet and email as an attachment to Kathryn Pellegrini


Ensure that you are submitting sufficient quantity and concentration for your samples. 

See FAQ for more details.


  • Standard DNAse/RNAse free 1.5 mL Eppendorf tubes are preferred.
  • Use a label-printer to label tubes. Give each sample a unique sample number that is referenced in the Sample submission form.
  • Please label samples 1-N

Sample Drop-off

Please arrange with the GenCore Technical Director beforehand a time to drop off samples at:

NHP Genomics Core Lab, Room 5267
Yerkes National Primate Research Center (YNPRC)
954 Gatewood Road
Atlanta GA 30329
Tel: 404-712-6898


Sample Return

Users that wish to keep any leftover total RNA or DNA or any derivative of the amplified RNA or DNA can do so. Please indicate on the Sample submission form if you would like your samples returned. You will receive an email at the completion of the project to pick up your samples. Please bring dry ice when picking up samples. Samples unclaimed after 3 months will be discarded.


Users will be promptly notified by email when the data generation component of their project is completed. For NGS based projects, we will use one of the follwing methods:

  1. Prepare a hard-drive with the raw data
  2. Share the data link via Illumina BaseSpace cloud computing software
  3. Transfer data via FTP to users server

Due to the extremely large volume of data the GenCore generates, we cannot store data long term. Once the data has been delivered to the user, it is the user’s responsibility to store and back up the data appropriately.