General FAQ

What services are offered at the NHP GenCore?

Next Generation Sequencing – We currently perform all next generation sequencing using the Illumina HiSeq1000, the most widely-adopted next-generation sequencing platform today. The flexible nature of this platform allows us to accommodate a wide range of projects including mRNA expression profiling, targeted DNA sequencing, miRNA profiling, and numerous other more specialized analyses.

Single Cell RNAseq - We provide services on the 10X Genomics Chromium Controller for single cell capture for gene expression, VDJ, and feature barcode analysis.

We also provide services for purifying RNA, DNA and miRNA from a variety of tissues, and quality assessment of samples using Agilent Bioanalyzer, Nanodrop and Qubit.

Do you only work on monkey projects?

No, we will accept projects using all types of samples. However, being at a primate center we have extensive experience conducting these assays with non-human primate samples.

How do I submit a project?

A detailed description of how to submit a project is detailed in the section How to use GenCore. Briefly, it consists of the following steps:

  1. Contact the Genomics Core for a project consultation. ( (
  2. Complete the sample submission sheet.
  3. Deliver your samples to the GenCore.

We have no experience with genome data… how do I analyze my data?

We provide support with data analysis. During the pre-experiment consultation, we will help you determine the analysis needs for your project and provide an estimate for any data analysis services. In an effort to keep analyses costs down for users, we operate on a “collaborative/cost-recovery” model.