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Pricing List

Procedure Price Unit
Established protocol, antibody provided by investigator


Double stain $49.68 slide
Triple stain $56.23 slide
Established protocol, antibody provided by our lab $54.76 slide
Antibody protocol development $178.11 1 antibody
In Situ Hybridization (price dependent on probe) $112.43 slide
Paraffin Embedded Unstained Sections
Embed and cut one unstained section, plus one unstained slide $6.49 slide
Additional unstained slide, FFPE or frozen $3.99 slide
H&E (includes one unstained section)
frozen  $8.24 slide
paraffin embedded $8.15 slide
Other Services
Analysis of slides by a Veterinary Pathologist Contact for rates
Tech Time (i.e. Microscope Training) $15.72 1/2 hour

Email for more information.