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Behavioral Management Workshop on Macaque Pair Housing

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4th Symposium on Social Housing of Laboratory Animals, May 1-2, 2017


2nd Workshop on Macaque Pair Housing, May 3-5, 2017

The conference begins with two days of didactic content, interactive discussion and problem-solving regarding methods of social housing for common laboratory species. Symposium day 2 concentrates on nonhuman primates and starts the 3 1/2-day interactive workshop focusing on the same. Participants may register for the 2-day symposium, the nonhuman primate workshop or both. 

Registration details coming soon!

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Previous Workshop on Macaque Pair Housing

Tes 3 1/2-day workshop focused on one of the most important components of the behavioral management of caged laboratory macaques: providing social opportunities through pair housing.

During the workshop, participants learned how to tailor their own pair-housing programs to the research and animal populations with which they work. Using scientific understanding of macaque behavior and published studies evaluating pair housing, instructors provided participants with a unique opportunity to learn about options for introducing macaques, approaches for managing pair-housed monkeys and practices to help maintain the pairs over time. In addition, instructors provided practical information about methodological options for forming pairs, the tools for evaluating behavior and strategies for achieving positive short- and long-term outcomes. Instructors complemented lectures and demonstrations with practice in decision making, problem solving and evaluating social compatibility through videotaped and live observation of macaques.

Who Attended?

Behavioral, clinical, research and nonhuman primate care staff members as well as managers and veterinarians


Mollie Bloomsmith and Melissa Truelove, Yerkes National Primate Research Center

Kate Baker, Tulane National Primate Research Center

Kris Coleman, Oregon National Primate Research Center

These instructors have a deep knowledge of the challenges associated with pair housing of macaques and many years of real-world experience. In addition, they frequently publish on behavioral management.